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In recent years, electro music has gained much popularity. On the market there are thousands of electro house DJs and producers. You do not have to wait long to payable electro sample packs for construction electro tracks. There are more and more samples on the internet, although there is almost no free wav sounds for electro house. On this page, below I put a free sample pack of electro multisamples.




These are fully Professional Samples made by my best partner – Lucid Samples. Not all correspond to the sound of the virtual plug-ins. The advantage of these samples is that they were creating and sampling from hardware synthesizer Nord Lead 3. It’s a great production gear and it has that something that gives power.

Open this Electro SF2 Multisamples in your favourite sampler and create own electro basslines or synthlines. Compatible virtual samplers:

– FL Studio DirectWave
– Logic Pro EXS 24
– Kontakt
– HALion
– Emulator X
– Proteus X
– Machfive
– Independence
– VSampler
– SFZ+

Why using multisamples is the way to go?

None of the traditional wav files can replace carefully prepared samples in multiformat. Why? First of all, using the multisamples, you are free to create your works, you set your melodies and sequences to be played on the instrument. You do not have to fear that the melody will be out of the tune, because our multisamples have a separate wav file for each pitch (for each key) within at least five octaves. So your tunes will sound perfectly in tune.

Electro sample packsI have something else for You! If you need pro WAV, MIDI, SF2, GIGA Electro Sample packs ! Download them from my friends website:


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